Monday, 11 March 2013

NJS racing frames for sale

Just yesterday one of my customers who is a professional track racer brought into my shop 3 of his used NJS racing frames. These frames were purchased over 10 years ago but only raced for a maximum of 2 years or so , all of them are in fantastic condition with NJS grade headsets and bottom brackets . All the frames are 50cm center to top and would make great super light weight track bikes or run them with brakes on the road as a single speed. I can supply Dia Compe brakes for this type of frame if required .At present they are for sale in Furumachi Bicycle but if anyone is interested they could be shipped overseas . The frames are all hand made here in Japan by well respected NJS frame builders . If you are interested contact me for more information on each frame

The frames shown in the photo below are from the following builders  Reminton, Uno pista, Kiyo Miyazawa


Ἀντισθένης said...

Nice... Makes me wish I were shorter, momentarily. As 59cm is as small as this 6'1"er can go, alas I cannot make one of these work (nor convince the J-wife to let me spend the money to get one made custom).

Don Speden said...

Yeah I do not think you will ever find a used NJS 59cm frame for sale here in Japan !.

Iftikhar Ahmed said...

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Sirashoke Pamornkul said...

Any one of these frames still available??