Monday, 25 March 2013

The switch zee tube !

Well I guess you are wondering what the heck is a switch zee tube ?. First you need to know that most likely 70 % of Japanese ride a style of bicycle that is called a Mama Chari - basically its a very cheap form of standard roadster in a ladies loop style frame that even macho school boys in baseball teams ride to school, suited salary men and of course mothers carrying kids to school or bringing home the shopping . Almost all of them are sold at Dept stores or home centers by the thousands for often less than 10000 yen a piece !. It would be unfair on makers like Panasonic or Bridgestone to say all Mama Charis are junk as the two previous listed brands make some good quality style Mama Charis that use quality components.  But mostly they are extremely heavy, the use the lowest grade of steel tube available Hi - -ten and the 1st time I had to lift one up into my work stand I thought it was made out of solid steel  rather than tubing. The rear end of the standard Mama Chari can have a variety of extra attachments such as double rear mounted kick stand, bolt on derailleur , derailleur guard, rear rack stays & fender stays - that 5 separate items of which 4 of them per side have to be removed just to take the rear wheel out. Oops I forgot you have to disconnect the drum brake fittings as well . So as you can imagine taking the rear wheel out of one to fix a puncture is a right pain in the ass to say the least, in fact it is such a hassle that the old guys you run the bicycle shops that fix this type of bicycle do not remove the rear wheel to fix a flat, rather they fully deflate the tyre and just pull it out a bit at a time with a bucket of water handy to find the hole. Which in reality is a bad way to fix a tyre because you can not fully inspect the rim nor the inside of the tyre well with it still attached to the bike.

So pictured below is the crappiest brand of Mama Chari ever to leave a factory in China  - Switch , if someone does offer you one of these for free ride it to the nearest high cliff and toss it as far as you can , certainly do not under any circumstances pay money for one as you are better off walking !

The first time I saw the Switch Zee tube I was dumbfounded to say the least, over the years of fixing bicycles I have fixed plenty of punctures and re fitted new tubes but the first time I worked on a Switch Mama Chari, I could not believe what I was seeing. The tube that was fitted in today's case was 27 x 1 - 3/8 which is in fact the correct size for the rim and tyre. The zee tube was marked Panaracer - made in Japan but it was considerably longer than the same size tube also from Panaracer that I fitted back into the tyre ?. So are the workers at the Switch factory in China using fake Panaracer tubes , we will most likely never know as I certainly have no intention of trying to locate their factory if I did it would be from above in a B-52 bomber ! . The tube is a good 150cm longer than needed and because of this the skilled bicycle assembly staff at the Switch factory somewhere in China decided that the best way to fit this extra long tube into the wheel was to fold it back on itself to what I now call the Zee tube.  I now present to you Ladies & Gentleman the famous Switch Zee tube !  

So as you can assume it does not take long for the new owner of a Switch to get a puncture and have to visit the local bicycle shop. Most Switch owners take the bike to the nearest bicycle store rather than back to the shop where it was purchased and complain , if they did the stores that sell these pieces of junk would be doing a lot of free repairs as it is certainly not the customers fault. If you are in Japan and would like to easily win a bet , download this photo and go to to your nearest Switch dealer and make a bet with the bicycle sales staff that any Switch banded bicycle they pick will have a zee tube like the one pictured above . I have seen 30 Switch banded bicycles all with zee tubes so I am sure it would be a safe bet to make !



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