Friday, 12 April 2013

Cycling with wet socks !

Well as some of you long time followers will remember about a year ago I purchased a pair of Keen Austin pedal shoes. Overall these nice leather SPD compatible shoes have held up pretty well in daily use apart from winter when I wore Keen winter boots that were totally warm and waterproof instead. The good thing about any Keen brand footwear is that it is wide fitting, I had split 2 pairs of 5.10 guide shoes as they were not wide enough before I purchased the Keen Austin pedal shoes. In the end I did not fit nor use SPDs on those shoes and because of the hard floor at work the soles have worn down quite a lot , they are great shoes if you live in an area that does not have so much rain. In general they are water resistant as claimed but as it rains a lot here in Niigata, cycling in constant heavy rain will soon soak through the leather leaving you to endure the discomfort of wet socks. It rains enough here to warrant a full Gore Tex quality cycling kit and without my trusty Ground Effect Jacket and pants I would not have considered selling my car at all. So after doing some research into hard wearing outdoor shoes and test fitting several brands from well known outdoor manufacturers I have purchased today a new model from North Face called Hedgehog GTX Guide , which has a Vibram hard wearing sole, wide fitting and a full Gore tex lining which will hopefully keep my feet a lot drier than the Austin pedals. These days I do not feel the need for SPDs and use flat platform pedals for comfort rather than clipping in and out of something at every corner when stopping.


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