Thursday, 11 April 2013

The bike parka !

As I have just moved into a brand new house which does not have a huge genkan ( indoor space just inside the front door ) so I can no longer store my regular ride the Kona unit inside , luckily the 1947 Humber Sports in safely stored inside out of the weather but will be moved in June to my new larger bicycle store to be put on display. So after a lot of research I decided the best option was for my Kona Unit to be stored outside and protected from the weather as Niigata has a lot of rain. I would rather not have a bicycle outside in a city like Niigata but in this case I have no other option . At the shop I have for sale a product designed in New Zealand , made in China ! called the Bike Parka. I had tested this out on the shop runabout over the winter and it was very strong and totally waterproof as well. It packs down rather small so could be carried on a tour if needed and one of the great points is that it has velco openings located on both sides in which you can attach your bicycle lock , perfect for a longer chain lock like a Abus so you bike can be safely locked to something and totally protected by the elements as well. Pictured below is the bike parka in its carry bag and it covering my 29 inch MTB , it also has a fantastic elastic bottom band to stop it coming off and the top has another drawstring to adjust it to your bicycles shape so you can get the perfect fit.

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