Thursday, 9 May 2013

bike packing set up

Today with a bit of free time I set up my bags on my 2013 Kona Unit to see how it looks with a full set of bags and how it handles. I have previously done several long tours of 3000 kms with a traditional pannier bag set up and this year I have decided to try bike packing for a change. The bike handles quite well and I personally think it is balanced better this way as the steering and general handling of the bike feels much better. Once the weather heats up a little I will go on a overnight trip and test everything out, my plan this year is to do several short over night trips then in Oct or Nov to do a 5 day tour into Fukushima to check out a few places I have always wanted to see.

Pictured below is the Kona fitted out with a Freeload rear rack which is supporting my two man tent , a Salsa frame bag which will hold the Trangia stove plus cook set and bike repair kit. The front bag is a Porcelain Rocket mission control bag which holds my down sleeping bag which is inside an outdoor research dry bag ( the last thing you ever want is a wet sleeping bag ) , the small front pocket on the front will hold money, camera and any other small items that I want easy access too. I always use a 2ltr camelbak for water so that is why I do not need water bottles attached to the frame.



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The bicycle looks great on the pictures :)


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