Thursday, 20 June 2013

Bike packing to Oku Murasugi camp ground

I had marked June 20th on my calendar for an overnight bike trip to test out some gear that I will use on a 6 day trip in early Oct of this year. But as it is now rain season getting two days off with fine weather is rare, but luckily I awoke yesterday to sunshine so I loaded up the Kona Unit and headed for the hills. Murasugi  is only about 30km away from Niigata City where I live but you need to escape the city and cross the mighty Agano river before heading inland to the mountains. I stopped by Hokyo lake and then found a supermarket to buy a few extra food items before getting into the foothills of Murasugi . I then stopped at a popular fresh water  spring to get my camel back refilled then slowly wound my way up a gentle incline towards the campsite. Soon the gentle incline had become steeper and as I ride a single speed I was forced to dismount and walk a short distance to the campsite turn off. Nobody was there being early Thursday morning so I picked out a nice place to put up the tent , close to the toilet block and set up camp.

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