Thursday, 20 June 2013

Bike packing to Oku Murasugi - part 2

After setting up camp I took a nap , read a magazine and basically relaxed before cooking lunch. It is so nice to escape all the noise of the city and be surrounded by mountains, greenery , birdsong and the sound of the nearby river.  The Trangia stove worked really well, I boiled up a cup of water for a instant Cafe Latte and had a fantastic dinner of  pork cutlet , curry and rice . If you are thinking about buying a super lightweight and reliable stove - look no further as this little stove coupled with a windshield and a base will easily cook up anything you need. The best part is there is no empty gas canister to throw away !. In the afternoon I rode further up the mountain road and spied a monkey sitting in a roadside tree and managed to get two good photos before he escaped.

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llewellyn said...

Lunch looks great, especially the can of Sapporo. Hope to get back to Japan for a summer/spring tour instead of the winter ones I do. Enjoy the good weather while you can.