Thursday, 20 June 2013

Bike packing to Oku Murasugi - part 3

I ended up going to bed early but the one item I should have purchased but didn't, kept me from getting a good nights sleep - a blow up pillow would have been really nice instead of my dry bag stuffed with clothing. Before I head away next time I will be buying one for sure. I soon filled up my old NZ made Fairydown 2 person tent with my bike bags and food and could not imagine that whilst touring NZ for 3 months in 1995 this tent was my home which I shared with my mate Tony King.  Some light rain woke me up at 11.30pm and again at 4am and because of that once the sun was up I could not get back to sleep. So I cleaned out the tent and while eating breakfast & drinking coffee I waited for the tent to dry out before packing it up. A fast 50km downhill really woke me up and soon I was in the small hot spring village of Murasugi where I could take a fantastic outdoor hot spring for 300 yen and refill my camel back with some nice fresh spring water for the ride back home. From Murasugi village it only took 1.5 hours to get back home, where I re erected my tent again to fully dry it out & packed it away for the next adventure. This ride was really a great test of the items I will take on a long tour in early Out of this year , but hopefully before then I will get several more overnight rides to other local camp spots. So even if you only have a couple of days off , load your bike up and go on a overnight adventure.

Happy Cycling

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daryl lister said...

japan looks like a postcard around every corner, will add this place to my bucket list.