Thursday, 25 July 2013

115km bikepacking trip to Takidani Shinden campsite

Well whenever I get a couple of days off together such as yesterday and today I try to get away for a local overnight bikepacking trip. At the start of this year my plan was to do at least 3 local over nights trips before my 6 day tour in early Oct. Yesterday and today was my 2nd trip and I had been watching and hoping the rain season would give me a break for at least 2 days to allow me to get into the hills. Luckily it did - I took off from Niigata city yesterday morning headed out over the Agano river towards Toyosaka where I stopped for a photo at the historic house at Fukushima lagoon. It did rain a little but it was also warm so I did not need to wear a jacket at all.

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