Thursday, 25 July 2013

115km bikepacking trip to Takidani shinden - part 2

After passing through the onsen hot spring town on Tsukioka I turned right and headed inland skirting the hills and the Shibata golf course before meeting up with my favorite cycle road, which was built on the old railway line connecting Shibata city to the village of Akadani . It is a great cycle road which is about 13 km in length and passes through several small villages along the way and in the hotter months you are protected from the sun ,some of the way by the forest that the cycle path passes through. This cycle road is mostly used by locals and school kids but if you ever find yourself in Shibata city check it out as its worth the effort.

The last two photos show the Takidani shinden campsite where I stayed the night, a fantastic campsite with plenty of nice campsites , covered outdoor cooking area which was very handy at night when it pissed down rather hard coupled with an impressive thunderstorm and lightening show, thank god my 20 year old tent is still waterproof !

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