Thursday, 25 July 2013

115km bikepacking trip to Takidani Shinden campsite - part 3

On this trip I was testing out some new gear , a sleeping bag from Montbell which packs down really small and still allows plenty of other items to be stuffed inside my Porcelain Rocket handlebar set up as well such as waterproof Jacket and pants etc. My last trip away I discovered that my basic inflatable camping mat was very uncomfortable so I invested in a Montbell  150cm x 8cm airpad with a pillow that attaches to the pad making for a very comfortable nights sleep - 8cm of padding is awesome and better still packs down really small as can been see from the photos below.

The other thing I was testing out my my new rear Gusset single speed 16 T cog . That rear cog coupled with the Surly SS 33T allowed me to ride all the hills and is much more comfortable even though my average speed is slower

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