Wednesday, 10 July 2013

The Fat Bike boom

I do not now if this is happening elsewhere in Japan, but recently I have sold a lot of Fat Bikes, as I am the only Surly dealer in Niigata City I usually have one or two fat bikes on the showroom floor for customers to test ride. The first time my boss ordered a Surly Pugsly I had my doubts whether we could sell one as they are so different and quite expensive, but now we have sold close to 10 of them and I have even built a few custom fat bike wheels as well. Earlier this year I had the chance to attend the Fat Bike demo weekend at the Snowpeak HQ where they marked out a nice course in 1.5mtr snow. These bikes really excel in snow , sand or other rough terrain but after riding a fat bike 120km on road in a local event I would not choose it for long distance on road touring, but if you a planning a serious off road adventure this bike will take you there and back with no problems at all !. Just yesterday I built up a brand new Surly Ops in canvas green, this bike comes with SLX components, a salsa handlebar with a 31.8 clamp area as opposed to the older model which used 26mm and overall felt a lot lighter than the old model. Pictured below is the new Surly Ops that I have in store at present.



jason connelly said...

I was thinking of coming in from yonezawa to check out your shop. I am considering at fat tire and was wondering what you had in shop and what I would be looking at spending .


Jason I. Yonezawa

Don Speden said...

Hi Jason

I currently have the new Surly ops in stock in canvas green that you saw on my blog it retails for about 270,000 yen and I can also order any of Surlys fat tyre bikes, standard pugsleys, pugsley ops, moonlander or a krampus. I am closed Thursdays but open every other day from 11am - 8pm so just drop by if you are in Niigata city and take a fat bike for a test ride !. Check out the Japanese dealer of Surly - Motocross International for the current pricing on all models .

Cheers Don
Furumachi Bicycle