Thursday, 15 August 2013

Blog content update

Hi Everybody

I can not believe that I started this blog back in 2007 a lot has changed since then, back in 2007 I was an English teacher here in Niigata City with regular Sundays off which meant it was easy to plan long rides deep into the local countryside with my mate Brian, sometimes we loaded up my mini van with our bikes and drove out of the congested city to start our ride. These days I am now car free at long last , the manager / mechanic of a bicycle shop Furumachi Bicycle located here in Niigata city and I have Thursdays off instead of Sundays which means that now most of my cycle adventures are solo rides instead. I still have my fathers Humber 3 speed although if you follow this blog you may not have seen it in quite a while, but I do intend to get out on it for my monthly shop rides once this extreme hot summer has finished. I now as you might have guessed ride my 2013 Kona Unit single speed as my regular bike , commuting into the city on it to work everyday of the year no matter what the weather which is a challenge in winter but always fun. I have also rediscovered cycle touring again and now use my single speed for bike packing adventures which I am really enjoying. So as you can tell the blog content has changed quite a lot but I have become more involved in cycling again since working at the bike shop and it is really nice to be able to cycle into the city in a t shirt and shorts unlike most other foreigners here who need to wear a suit and a tie everyday !

Happy Cycling


thescooterdewd said...

Been following your blog for quite awhile..found you after doing a search for high wheelers...Thought I'd take a minute to say thanks for the great posts...Jeff

Don Speden said...

Hi Jeff

Thanks for the comment and thanks for following my blog. The high wheel I am building is taking a long time to finish here as I have had many hold ups which never happened back home in NZ. At present my customer is getting his handle bars made in Tokyo so hopefully I will see it finished before the end of the year

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See you.!!!

Pandabonium said...

Don - your blog is #3 on my bicycle bookmark list (the only ones above you are technical info sites).

Although I don't often comment, I do check in and see what you are up to and try to glean what I can from your great knowledge of bicycles and of riding in Japan.

So I hope you are not feeling the fatigue of blogging for six years. You still have much to share. I am particularly looking forward to your October road trip! Don't spare the pics on that - it should be awesome.

All the best.

Frank Delaney said...

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Don Speden said...

Hi Guys

Thanks for your comments and I am not tired of blogging, in fact this year as mentioned I have rediscovered cycle touring after a break of many years and will be doing an overnight trip this month to Snow Peak HQs campsite before my 6 day tour in early Oct which I am really looking forward too. But I need to invest in a new cycle jacket before then as it sure rains a lot here.

Happy Cycling