Sunday, 8 September 2013

Bike packing - nothing is new , just reinvented !

As the bike packing boom is gaining popularity around the world and introducing many new riders to the world of cycle touring, many may have thought that loading their bike with traditional racks and pannier bags was not for them and have embraced the new designs from such makers as Revelate Designs etc . Now there is a wide range of bike packing bags available , made from modern tough materials with Velcro tabs to attach the items easily to your bike. Frame bags, seat packs, handle bar bags, etc are a fantastic way of carrying all the supplies you need on an extended tour.

 But what a minute , none of this is new at all !, back in the late Victorian period  of the 1880s cycling was gaining popularity as a new mode of transportation and recreation and people wanted to explore places further afield and needed a way to carry everything they required. Makers such as Brooks , the famous long established saddle maker from England  had several different types of cycle bags advertised in their 1888 catalog .

 Pictured below in the following photographs are various frame and handle bar bags, they are not so different to the modern bike packing style of bags except these bags were made out of leather of canvas !


llewellyn said...

Photo #2 is Frances Birtles Australia's early adventurer, a book by Warren Brown is an exceptional read about this little known bloke.

Don Speden said...

Hi LLewellyn

When lived in the Barrossa valley I found a great book that was called - The bicycle and the bush , I think that was the name of the book and it was fantastic and detailed early cycling in Australia. I sold my entire bicycle book collection to my cycle club in Oamaru , NZ so now many others can get to read such books as well.