Sunday, 22 September 2013

New Blog - Tour Division

Hi Everybody ,I like to inform you all of a new site that I am a guest blogger on which is called Long Division, the blog was started by my long term cycling pal Brian Southwick and is all about bike packing and our lead up to racing in the 2015 Tour Divide race !, yes that is right Brian & I have decided that being in our mid 40s is a good time to take on the worlds toughest and longest bicycle race . In you visit the blog at the link below you will get some idea of what the 4417km course looks like and I think because we have plenty of time before the race in 2015 we will be well prepared by then. The blog features Tour Divide info, our own bike packing adventures and some product reviews and the equipment we will use such as bikes, bags , tents etc . So if you have time head on over to the following link and check it out Long Division


Bill Pustow said...

Don, will you guys be racing it or touring it?

Don Speden said...

Hi Bill

We will join the Grand depart in 2015 and will race it, we figure around 25 days to finish , looking forward to the challenge though !

raiman daivs said...

That,s great.Good to found your blog.Really nice blog.