Friday, 20 September 2013

Niigata to Snow peak HQ

Well yesterday I rode out of Niigata City early in the morning to head to Snow Peak HQ, located deep in the mountains of Tsubame Sanjo. Not only does Snow Peak have their factory here, but also a large shop selling their products plus a huge camp ground. I decided to take the most direct route out of the city along Route 1 that borders the Shinano river. Unfortunately by the time I reached that road it was busy with heavy traffic either coming into the city or heading up river. Further along the river I discovered the top of the stop bank had a sealed bike path but in places it either tuned to rough gravel , or no track at all but whenever possible I used that instead of the road . That road links up with another quieter road  along the foothills and makes its way into the town of Kamo ( named little Kyoto around Niigata as it also has a wide river running through the town center ). After getting out of Kamo the road heads inland on route 290 and over a few low mountain passes , which I manged to ride at a respectable pace of around 16 km per hour which is pretty good going for a loaded 29 inch single speed MTB. The downhills were fun and I clocked 50km per hour on one long stretch. It was fantastic to be back on these roads again as it had been several years since I took this route. The sun was shinning and everybody was busy harvesting rice , making the most of the good weather. Looking at my sunburn now I should have applied some lotion before heading out, but I never guessed it would get to 32 deg at this time of the year.

 Pictured in this post are a few photos from this section of the ride


Traditional Bike Club Curmudgeon said...

That chain stretched between bollards in the first photo looks like an accident waiting to happen!

Don Speden said...

Its to keep cars and motorcycles of the bike path, but if you were not careful it might cause you some grief !