Friday, 20 September 2013

Niigata to Snow Peak - part 3

After waking up very early I decided to take an alternative route back instead of the hilly route 290 I would head down hill towards the city of Tsubame Sanjo and skirt the foothills passing through small villages before again linking up with the main street of Kamo and my route back into the city. It was almost all downhill to Sanjo and was really nice riding in the shade of the hills on a quiet narrow road through small villages and it was not long before I was on familiar roads again. The return trip took only 3 hours were the trip out along route 290 took 5 hours which included some stops. Just before leaving the Tagami road I pulled into a 7/11 and bought a snickers bar and a bag of 4 raisin butter bread rolls which gave me the power to head back in along the Shinano river back into the city. Along the way I spotted 3 men in a boat, they were not out for a pleasure cruise, but city workers struggling to lift out of the water a full size family fridge, their truck on the river bank was full of discarded rubbish including several large size family fridges and TVs , It is unfortunate that some members of Japanese society think it is ok to throw items into the local river or over a bank in the middle of the mountains but I was happy to see the city doing their job and cleaning it up, must have been hard work in 32 deg heat ! .

Some photos from the last leg of my 2 day trip

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thescooterdewd said...

loving the pics...looks like an awesome time.