Monday, 30 September 2013

Oct 6 day tour - ready to roll

Well this time next week I will be sleeping in my tent back at Snow Peak HQ in the mountains of Tsubame Sanjo on the first night of my Oct 6 day tour. This year I made up my mind to get out touring on the bike into the hills as often as I can, I guess being a kiwi from small town New Zealand makes me miss all the outdoor adventures I had when I lived back home, tramping ( hiking ) rock climbing , mountain biking etc. And its been a while since I went on anything longer than an overnight tour, but as I sold my car last year I have been cycling every day to work no matter what the weather - 4 deg snowstorms, typhoons, humid hot summers , rain season etc so I guess I am now fully prepared for any type of weather that Japan can throw at me. I chose Oct because the weather is cooler and nice for cycling, camp grounds are certainly not crowded and as the course I have picked is only about 400km I can ride it leisurely , take photos ,stop and chat over the 6 days. It will be a welcome break from the concrete jungle and a great way to spend my remaining annual leave. Just recently my shop has also become a dealer for Alternative Bicycles which happens to be the Japanese importer for Revelate Designs bike packing bags, so tomorrow I will pick up and fit my new Viscacha Digital Camo 14ltr seat pack which means I will now have a full set of good quality bike packing bags to test out on the up coming 6 day tour . Pictured above is the route that I will take starting next Monday.

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