Thursday, 24 October 2013

5 Day tour gear review - Rear saddle bag

At first this year I was using a Ortleib dry bag mounted to a Free load rack, it worked but hit the back of my legs whilst cycling so when I was able to test a Revelate Designs Viscacha saddle bag and found it easily contained my two man tent and cook set with room to spare, I ordered one straight away and now I am very glad I did. it holds between 6ltr and 14ltr and attaches firmly to your saddle rails and seat post. One thing you must do before buying one is to check that you have enough  exposed seat post to fit it correctly.

Below is a photo of the saddle bag and the items that I carried in it whilst on my 5 day tour

The above items that I used were 

No.1 Basic first aid kit , this should also contain insect repellent 

No.2 Pot scrub ( to keep your mess tin and KFS clean ) 

No.3 Pocket Knife - swiss army 

No.4  Cheap plastic lighter for the stove

No.5 Plastic chop sticks , very useful in Japan

No.6 KFS  - knife , fork & spoon set 

No.7 Alloy army style mess tin

No.8 Trangia Alcohol mini stove

No.9 Trangia stove base 

No.10 Fairydown 2 man all season tent rolled tightly in a plastic bag

All these items easily fitted in the saddle bag plus my rain Jacket, I chose the Trangia stove because is small very reliable and simple to use and maintain. I do not like gas canister type stoves  because they often take up too much space with the combined gas canister which you have to dispose of after use. If you are looking for a cheap reliable stove ,Trangia is the business !. All the small items and stove etc fit within the mess which is then contained in a plastic bag. In the future I will upgrade my 20 year old 2 man tent to something lighter like a 1 man tent . All the above items weighed 5kg once packed

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