Thursday, 24 October 2013

5 Day tour gear review

Hi Everybody

I hope you all enjoyed reading about my 5 day tour into Fukushima and back and it seems like that week may have been the last hot week for 2013 as since then the days have become a lot colder. Recently quite a few people have asked me about the type of gear that I carried while on tour so today I took a couple of photos of the main gear that I carried and I will explain my reasons for using those items as well.

First up pictured below is a good side view picture of my 2013 Kona Unit single speed fully loaded for a 5 day bike packing tour

As you can see I do not use racks at all and have this year decided to try the bike packing style of bags attached directly to the frame rather than bags attached to racks, I have tried both methods and can say that I find the bike packing style better - why ?. When you have large pannier bags you tend to carry a lot more than needed and have the option to fill every bag with even more stuff. The bike packing method means you have to think a lot more about the items you need to take and make do with a basic travel kit. 

In the picture above I have a 

1. Handle bar bag with front pocket - total packed weight  4.8kg
2.  Frame bag which contains a mini pump and spare tube and 2ltr hydration bladder 
3. Folding alloy tent poles contained in a bag strapped to the top tube
4.  Bottle cage zip tied to the down tube with a Alloy bottle full of white alcohol for the Trangia stove
5. Rear saddle bag which can hold from 6ltr - 14ltr , total packed weight 5kg 

At a guess I think the total weight of everything that I took was about 12.5kg , in the next couple of posts I will detail the items that were carried in the two main bags

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hodok said...

Would you kindly tell which brand rear bag is?