Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Revelate Viscacha saddle bag

Well after several trips with my Ortleib stuff sack tied to my Freeload rack with a bungy , I decided I really needed something better . A bag that attached to the seat rails and post, could hold heaps of gear and was well made and tapered so it did not interfere with your leg movement while riding . After my mate Brian bought a Revelate Viscacha, I was able to test out its basic load carry capacity by stuffing my two man tent and cook set inside it with room to spare. So today I picked up my new Revelate Viscacha in their new tough digital camo print . This bag is rated to hold anything from 6 ltr to 14 ltrs and is now sitting here stuffed with the following items :

spare 29 inch tube, tool kit in small Mont Bell bag, Cleaning rags, Fairydown seige 2 man tent
Furumachi Bicycle cycle jersey, Ground effect long sleeve black top, Black long tights
Ice Breaker red t shirt, Cookset - containing the following items
trangia stove & base, post scrub, First aid kit with lighter & swiss army knife, KFS

Pictured below are a few photos of the bag mounted on my Kona Unit 

The internal compression strap is really handy for filling the bag and lets you keep the stuff that is not used often at the bottom of the bag. The outer straps are well designed to hold the bag steady whilst riding plus it is easily detached so you can take it off the bike if necessary. You do require at least 150mm of exposed seat post for it to fit well so please check that if you are thinking of buying one. Looking forward to giving this bag a good road test over my 6 day tour starting next Monday.  


llewellyn said...

Don, looks like you are ready for anything, good luck and tail winds on your 6 day jaunt. Something that May interest you,is the latest edition of Bunyan Velo a quarterly on line magazine. Issue 3 has a stack of articles from bike packers with rigs similar to yours,really a good read. Look forward to your photos and blog of the trip.

Don Speden said...

Hi IIewellyn

Just doing the final pack of my handle bar bag now and then I am ready for tomorrows departure. Yes I too love Bunyan Velo as the stories and photos are fantastic, looking forward to reading issue 3 once I return from my tour.