Sunday, 26 January 2014

2014 Fat Bike demo at Snow Peak HQ

Yesterday my mate Brian & I were lucky to get a ride from one of my customers out to the hills of Tsubame Sanjo for the annual SnowPeak Fat Bike demo. This is now the 2nd year this 2 day event has been held and is great opportunity for people thinking about buying a fat bike to test out the new models from Sury & Salsa. According to one of my customers Sat was pretty nice, he even had a slight sun tan to prove it and attendance on Sat was around 100 riders or so , but on the Sunday the weather was not so good with some light rain which turned the single track they had marked out into more slush than packed snow. I think they need to take a look at some of the trail grooming devices they now use in the USA and tow some kind of heavy sled behind one of their snow mobiles to compress the snow in such conditions.

There was also a display of fat bike related goods from 45 North, I have one of their Greazy merino wool cycling caps and it is fantastic, keeps your biscuit rather warm and fits easily under a cycle helmet. The demo bikes were popular even when it started snowing and the two bikes I enjoyed riding the most in the wet trail conditions were the - Bear grease , Salsas carbon fiber fat bike & Surlys Moonlander

Hopefully within the next year or so I would like to help organize a winter Fat Bike race as that way current fat bike owners could come together for some friendly competition plus it would help promote Fat biking in Japan. At present there are not winter fat bike races held here as finding available space is sometimes difficult although with places like Snow peak and ski feilds I sure we can  find a suitable location somewhere. Snow peak is a well known maker of quality out door products based in the foothills of Sanjo and thanks to them we have a great space for the winter fat bike demo weekend. When the weather is nice , its also a great place to go camping as well. 

To finish off the day we stopped off in Sanjo one the way back for a hot bowl of the local famous ramen, I like ramen but I certainly did not require the extra portion on top that made my bowl look like Mt Fuji. 


llewellyn said...

That is one huge bowl of ramen ! smiling then , what about later ?

Don Speden said...

Hi LLewellyn

I thought for 840 yen it would not be that huge, if there had been a photo of the bowl I would not have ordered that one , far too much food for lunch !. I did manage to eat it all but never again.