Thursday, 30 January 2014

Fully loaded El Mariachi

The other day at work I fitted up my handle bar bag to my new bike and took it for a short spin, I thought the Avid brake levers might have got in the way of my bags attachment points but it did not cause any problems at all. Pretty much I now have all the bike packing kit I require for future trips with the exception of a smaller tent ( less weight to carry ) and a Revelate Gas tank for storing items that are readily needed whilst cycling. I can not wait for winter to end so I can get out and put some long rides in , Niigatas cold winter is not so great for cycling , if its not snowing, its raining and if its not raining its bloody cold which does not make for an enjoyable ride. Come April the weather will start to warm up a bit and by then I should be able to get out for some touring. Pictured below is the Salsa El Mariachi with my set of bike packing bags .

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Marcelo Ribeiro said...

Wow! Prety nice setup!
I've just found your blog googleing for sturmeys archer 3 speed hub...and what a found! Have so many questions, but i don't want to skip from the topic here. I'm a 46 old brazilian, just moved Japan few months ago..Used to biketouring quite some at South America on my 30s, on a Gary Fisher's mtb. Last years did a lot of road training on an old CALOI 1975 road/sport converted to a fixed SS with a flip-flop hub , 43 with 20 or 18th cogs...and planing to set up a SS 29' or 700in wheels mtb to ride around here, Fukui-ken Echizen-chi...Here i'm talking a lot again...LOL. Will send you an e-mail, as my nihongo=0, i'll please need some help with all the bike stuff here. If it wasn't the 398km bettwen us i would certainly be at your shop's front door right now! Congratulations for the blog, very friendly to read! Love you new bike, hope you enjoy the coming season a lot.