Friday, 10 January 2014

Shimano XTR M960 crank set project

Quite some time ago when I became interested in single speed MTBs, I saw a few posts about people who had customized the 2003 Shimano XTR M960 triple chain ring crank set into a single speed crank set as it's light and very strong .Well as I will be up grading my frame soon I thought I would like to have a go at making a custom crank set myself and as I had an old XTR M969 crank set laying about I decided to attack it and cut of the outer chain ring tabs and polish it up. Yes it was not an easy process, but now I have a super light weight XTR grade crank set on my bike. Of course when customizing things there is often a catch which makes the task more interesting - in this case the middle ring BCD ( Bolt Circle Diameter ) is 102 mm rather than the current standard of 104 mm . At present as a test I am using the middle ring from the crank set which is almost worn out but it will give me an idea if I really want to splash out on a custom made 102 BCD chain ring from the USA. It's a lot lighter than my new Shimano Zee crank set and I have left it slightly polished until I decide to keep it or not. Below are a couple of photos of the crank set and if you want to see the entire process check out this link

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