Friday, 14 February 2014

Niigata by Bike

Hi Everyone

Well as its winter here in Niigata and not a lot of riding can be done my cycling pal Brian & I decided to build a new website dedicated to cycling in Niigata ken - called Niigata By Bike . The main aim of the website is to introduce Niigata ken to cyclists from abroad or foreigners living here in Japan as it is often very difficult for non Japanese to find basic information such as camp sites, bicycle shops and touring routes. On Niigata By Bike we have listed some of the many rides we have done in Niigata ken over the last 15 years and we will be updating the site with more info later on.  Please feel free to check out the site listed at the link below and we welcome any other ideas you might have to make the site even better. Both Brian & I have toured extensively throughout Niigata Ken over the past 15 years and we have discovered some fantastic places to ride and will be out on the bicycles exploring again as soon as spring arrives . If you are interested in coming to Niigata and would like some advice on cycle touring please check out the website first and if you have any further questions please get in touch with us. 


mooki said...

seems the site is no longer working?

Blogger said...

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