Friday, 21 February 2014

Sierra Designs Tents: Stash 1

After my one week tour into Fukushima and back last Oct , the one thing I really wanted to change was my tent. My current tent is a 20 year old New Zealand made Fairydown alpine 2 man tent and while it served me well on a 3 month cycle tour of the South Island of NZ back in 96 it is far too heavy for solo bike packing. In NZ I divided the tent up between myself and my touring partner so it was not so heavy to carry, these days I am aiming to get my entire load down to 10 kg so after many months of research I have finally ordered the tent featured in the You Tube clip above which is the Stash 1 solo tent from Sierra Designs. Its very light weighing in at only 1.1kg and reading online reviews from other cyclists who chose this tent they have been very happy with its performance in all weather conditions. Many cycle tourists end up carry far more than they actually need, I did on my very first 3000 km tour and it only took me a few days to realize that I needed to find the nearest post office and send half the items back home. These days I am a great fan of bike packing and through over night rides and my one week tour last year I now know what I need and what I do not need to carry. So I am now looking forward to spring to arrive so I can get out and do some more over night bike packing trips.    

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