Sunday, 30 March 2014

Niigata City Ride 2014

The other day the new posters for the 2014 Niigata City Ride were delivered to my shop, apart from the same local talent group on the posters it was nice to see a new course for 2014 , one that has a decent climb up and over Mt Kakuda on the outskirts of Niigata city. In fact it was Brian & I that first proposed this event long before the city and the local Niigata cycling Assn took over to organize it, in our original plan the course did go over Mt Kakuda  so at least this year riders will get the chance to ride a more interesting course this year. By the looks of the photos on the poster the food provided this year will be better than the small meager portion that was served up to hungry riders last year & I am sure as years go by this event will only get bigger and better each time . Online entries open at 10am via sports entry on the 15th of April and because there is a limit on how many riders can take part this event fills up really fast. With 2 courses of 33km and 120 km there is something for everyone and hopefully by the time June the 8th rolls around the weather should be pretty nice. This year Brian & I are working for the event as mobile bicycle repairmen , that means we will be loading up our bags with tools and ready to lend a hand to any cyclists who gets into trouble along the 120km course.