Thursday, 17 April 2014

Garmont - Dragon tail approach shoe

If like me , you are not a fan of clipless pedals and prefer the flexibility of using a flat pedal and a good quality outdoor shoe you will most likely have found the perfect shoe that works for you. As for me I like a wide fitting approach shoe that has a vibram sole that is comfortable for a 12 hour bike ride on flat pedals and allows you to walk around in comfort at the end of the days ride. I thought I have found such a shoe in the La Sportiva boulder X as many online reviews claimed it was comfortable and durable. Unfortunately for me my pair of boulder X shoes have fallen apart in less than 4 months, first a small tear developed in the suede upper that enlarged quickly over a few days ,then just the other day whilst doing up the laces the suede lace tab completely broke in half. So pictured below is the model of shoes that I wish I had not purchased !

I am not a shoe designer , but I believe that the lacing system pictured on the above shoe is poorly designed and yesterday I purchased a pair of Garmont dragon Trail approach shoes which are almost of the same design except for the lacing system which uses traditional eyelets rather than suede tabs. They too are wide fitting with a vibram sole and only time will tell if they are better quality , but they certainly look stronger. 

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