Saturday, 19 April 2014

San Rindo

Hi Everybody

In Japan San Rindo means mountain bush road and while they can be difficult to locate on maps, they are fun to explore on your MTB or cross bike taking you deep into the mountains were you are not likely to meet anyone except for the occasional motorcycle rider on their trail bike who is also looking to escape the concrete and traffic lights. Many years back I did check out one of the routes in the map but took a wrong turn that ended in a dead end road, part of fun of back country exploring , on that particular ride my mate Sunil & I ran into a large group of monkeys that were hanging out in the middle of the road. So this year I intend to check out all of the routes in the maps below and post some reports of my off road adventures. pictured below are a set of 3 local maps showing the mountain roads in white .


thescooterdewd said...

There are some good videos of people exploring these types of trails on youtube....makes me jealous...hopefully you'll take some pics for us:)

Don Speden said...

Hi thescooterdewd

Yes I'll be sure to take lots of photos when I go exploring, next month I will do an overnight bikepacking trip and ride a couple of the new mountain roads I have found. So later on you will see a blog post about it