Thursday, 24 April 2014

The Sea side line

Here in Niigata one of the most famous roads for cycling is a straight road that runs parallel to the sea which is known as the seaside line, one of the main reasons this stretch of road is so popular is that it gives road cyclists out training quick access to Yahiko village and beyond and there are almost no traffic lights. The bad point of this road is that there is often too much traffic, its windy and the sand from the beach covers the edge of the road in some places it totally covers the white line at the side and the road markers. Not to mention that sand and bicycle gearing do not mix well, nothing like an oily chain covered in sand to completely cover your gears with grit  - thank God I ride a single speed !.

First stop before departing the city was a popular place called Popolo where the shop owner went to Italy many years ago to study the art of making gelato , this shop is popular all year long for their freshly made gelato with the menu changing daily. After that we hit the seaside road for a spin out to kakuda beach were I wanted to take a look at a camp site , it was poorly maintained with old toilets and not very clean. The campsite rates were 1000 per person 1 night and if you decide not to pay the 1000 yen and are caught camping for free there is a fine of 10000 yen !. I certainly will not be staying there anytime as compared with other local campsites its a rip off .

After inspecting the campsite we headed back up the hill to Cave Docci a local winery complex that has grown over the years to include a bakery, wine shop, gelato , a health spa and a boutique brewery. We decided to have lunch at Maki Goya the brewery restaurant, the beer was the standard 3 German styles of beer but a bit too watery for our taste but their home made sausages and  the pork dish was pretty good. After buying a few more sausages and souvenirs we headed back along the sea side line back into the city. In all it was only a short trip of 50 km or so but the strong wind on the way back made it feel much further.  . Next long ride will be well away from the sea into the mountains were there is no sand or cold sea breezes. 



llewellyn said...

Looks like a nice day out for both of you. I'm getting a tan as I ride now , but Toyama to Kanazawa was a wet one all the way. Hope you guys have a nice summer.

Don Speden said...

Thanks llewellyn

Glad to hear your tour is going well and finally the nice weather has arrived in Niigata, my mate Brian went out on his first ever overnight bikepacking trip yesterday to snowpeak HQ , look for some photos later on Japan by bike

Cheers Don