Monday, 14 April 2014

Two cycle tourists

A while back one of my blog followers from Australia named Pual Evans informed me he was coming to Japan on a cycle tour and would look me up once he arrived in Niigata. So on Sunday he dropped by Furumachi Bicycle and had a chat about his adventures on the road and cycling in general. After work we went to Cafe Velo for a drink and told me about another cycle tourist called David Onizuka from the US who also happened to be in town that night but on Sunday night they were not able to meet up , but they ran into each other on Monday and both dropped by my shop for a chat. I am quite jealous of cycle tourists that drop by my shop as I did several long cycle tours years ago and its great fun to spend several months on the road touring around looking at new places and meeting interesting people along the way. So guys best of luck for the rest of your journey and if you are ever back in Niigata City again please drop by and David get rid of that Gel seat cover that on your new Brooks B17 !

Here is a link to Davids website

Cheers Don

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llewellyn said...

Don, can you email me a copy of that photo for my album. Keep plugging away sunny riding days are not far away. Thanks for everything , bound for Kanazawa tomorrow , just being a tourist in and around Toyama the last couple of days.