Friday, 16 May 2014

Adventure By Bike - part 1

Adventure by Bike - is the motto of the bicycle brand Salsa which I ride and yesterday & today I certainly did have a big adventure. It is very easy to sit at home and study maps and look at new routes on Google but sometimes unexpected things happen along the way that can totally alter your plans and if you are an adventurous type you just make the best decision at the time and carry on. That is what ended up happening on my latest 2 day bikepacking trip.  I set out luckily at 8.30am on Thursday morning and the weather was not too bad but I expected it would get worse throughout the day but my main aim was to ride out to Tsuioka , stock up at a shop and then ride the newly discovered Shibata Nunbu Rindo. Brian had warned me this road was one steep mother and I almost made it to the top on my single speed, but decided that walking for a bit would be the best idea. Along the way I stop off at a campsite and the starting point for some hiking trails and even found a Mama Chari with a basket full of cold drinks at the summit which I found puzzling as there is no way a Mama chari could have ridden up that road, there was even a cold drink sitting on a bench ?. The downhill left me grinning from ear to ear as it was great fun but had to take it easy as it started to rain.

After reaching the locked gate at the bottom I proceeded up the valley to the Takadani Shinden park to stay the night. It was not long before I arrived there and I had made good time as it was only 2.30pm in the afternoon - plenty of time to set up the tent, take a hot shower and have a few beers . 

 But it was not to be as the camp manager said the entire campground was closed to campers due to rampaging wild boars who come down from the nearby mountain at night to find food, if they had found me they could have had pasta , potato chips and beer . I used to hunt wild pigs back home in NZ many years ago and if the camp manager had provided me with a rifle I would have happily stayed to obtain some wild pork.  As the only other option was a 5000 yen per night log cabin I pressed on back to the village of Akadani , filled up the 2ltr camelbak with some nice fresh spring water and headed down hill to the village of Mikawa to the nearest available campsite. As my Father used say that really threw a spanner in the works as I would now not be able to explore the other new mountain rd I had hoped to do on Friday morning  By this time it was cold and raining and luckily I had a good merino wool cycle top to keep me warm and good wet weather gear . The weather had turned for the worse and I had to be at the next camp site at Mikawa before they closed at 5pm .  What happened - check out part 2 of Adventure by Bike to find out !

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