Thursday, 22 May 2014

Camping guide book - Family Outdoor


For some time now my mate Brian & I have been searching the local bookstores and scouring the net for information on local campsites in Niigata . Many years ago I did happen to see a guide book for Niigata Ken detailing all the campsites but at that time I thought I would never have the chance to go camping again so did not purchase it. Yesterday I asked at a local bookstore and they showed me the book pictured above which I readily purchased, it details 130 camp sites throughout Niigata ken and Sado Island and provides the readers with a list of all the facilities, prices, contact numbers and a map of the campsite location.  There are so many campsites that I did not know about including quite a few campsites that are free . This guide book will come in very handy for planning overnight bikepacking trips and my extended 6 day tour in mid Oct.

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