Sunday, 4 May 2014

Next bike packing trip

Right now in Japan its the Golden Week holiday which for many people that means about 4 - 10 days off in a row depending on who you work for , but for people like myself who work in retail stores its just another week with the usual day off. So later on this month on the 15th & 16th I have two days off together and have marked out a nice over night bike packing trip into the local mountains to one of my favorite camp sites which is located in the mountains of Shibata . The Takidani shinden koen camp site is maintained by the local Shibata city office, its clean, tidy and has great facilities and you can not beat the price. It is only 500 yen for a basic campsite and another 100 yen for a nice hot shower at the main lodge building. the total distance of this trip will be about 130km or so but as it is a 2 day trip there will be plenty of time for exploring. The sections marked in blue on my map are new mountain roads I have recently discovered, one is a short cut that  starts in a village of Arakawa near Tsukioka and goes up and over Mt Magiyama and down into the village of Nakanakayama which brings you out to the end of the Shibata cycle path and onto route 14 which is not far to the above mentioned campsite. On the second day  I will explore another mountain road that starts from the village of Kamitsunagi and heads inland up into the mountains and down into the Araya river . From there I will follow the familiar route Brian & I have named the big loop. Should be great fun and look for an interesting blog post later this month.

Happy cycling

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