Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Serria Designs - Stash 1 lightweight touring tent

Last year the heaviest item I had to pack on the bike was my 20 year old Fairydown Alpine 2 man tent, it is still a great tent and a 100% waterproof which is great but I do not need the luxury of such a large tent while bike packing as I only need somewhere to sleep. So after a lot of research I decided on purchasing the Stash 1 from Serria Designs . It filled all the needs I wanted being only 1.1kg and easy to set up and hardly takes up any room in my Revelate Viscacha saddle bag unlike my bulky 2 man tent. Today with some free time I rode to a nearby seaside park to learn how to set it up , it was rather easy to erect for the first time and will give me just enough room for the air mattress & pillow with the sleeping bag on top. There is a small amount of room at the bottom of the tent if you needed to store something ,but the space outside the door offers plenty of space for a bag and those stinky shoes you have at the end of a long days riding. Today I will purchase an additional 4 lightweight pegs to keep the fly tighter off the tent which will be handy if you happen to get rained on which is quite likely living here in Niigata Ken.

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