Sunday, 27 July 2014

Shop bikepacking / tour to Snow Peak HQ

Back in the winter when I had free time I planned all of this years cycle events for my bicycle shop. Sitting inside a warm shop watching the snow fall it was easy to think about warmer weather and the type of shop rides that I wanted to do this year , I knew August was out as it just gets to hot to cycle anywhere but I must have forgotten about July being almost the same. As Fuji Rock was on the same weekend we only got two riders attending but even though we faced extreme temperatures on the Sat ( over 36 deg ) and hard rain most of Sunday morning we all had a great time. We rode out of Niigata City to towards the mountains stopping several times to take a drink and arrived at a local supermarket in Kosodo just before opening time. I wondered why so many people had filled the car park and once the doors opened it was a mad rush towards the ice cream chillers were all ice blocks, ice creams we 50% off from 10am - 12pm. People were going crazy buying boxes of ice creams , but for us who had nowhere to carry such vast supplies we made do with a couple of ice creams each instead.

The next main stop was in the mountain town of Kamo where we dinned in style at Gusto a popular family restaurant and made good use of their drink bar before pressing on upwards through the village of Kamo stopping off at a 140 year old roadside snack shop that sells cold drinks and a tokoroten and kind of gelatin made from seaweed that is served cold and boiled eggs.

After leaving the snack shop the hard work really began with almost no shade and rising midday temperatures we began the accent of the mountain pass the divided us from the route to Snow Peak HQ. As usual Brian set an amazing pace on his single speed 29 MTB climbing the 6% gradient pass in his 33 T - 13T gearing  . I rode on ahead to take a few photos of them passing and then managed to overtake the last rider on his geared cyclo cross bike before reaching the summit. After the summit it was mostly down hill passing brilliant green rice fields soon due to be harvested before arriving at a local super market to buy our evening food supplies 


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