Sunday, 27 July 2014

Shop bikepacking / tour to Snow Peak HQ - part 2

After the last short climb up to Snow Peak HQ we checked in and found a great shady spot near the back of the camp ground over looking the golf course and put up our tents , 3 of us had our own tents while the other rider rented a tent and sleeping bag from Snow Peak who must make a lot of money from renting out camping supplies as there were many large groups who had done so that weekend. After pitching the tents it was beer time which considering the type of heat we had ridden it was very well deserved and tasted great. Later on we all cooked up a big feed for dinner with Brian & I cooking Katsu curry while the other chaps dined on pasta.

Because it was so hot it was really hard to get to sleep even with the tent fly open , so when Brian realized it was raining we both got up and packed up our tents quickly saving them from getting wet. The rain hammered down about an hour later and we retreated to the cover of the main building to cook breakfast before heading out into the rain and down the valley towards Sanjo. Our first stop was back in Kamo at MacDonalds we after a 2nd breakfast we had a MacPunture which was carried out using their sign board as a bike stand before pressing on back into Niigata city for some Italian Gelato before arriving back to the bicycle shop around 11.30am. In total the entire ride was only 126km return but in the extreme heat and humidity it made it feel a lot further . It was a great adventure by bike but I will not be planning any more cycle events at this time of the year again !

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