Sunday, 31 August 2014

Return to Mikawa - shop ride 31st of August

As you may have seen a while back I with the help of my mate Brian have been discovering the vast array of mountain roads in the Mikawa region of Niigata. It's a pretty boring ride from Niigata city to get to Mikawa along the Agano river but from Niigata station you can jump on board a local train with your bicycle in a travel bag and be in Mikawa station in no time at all. So yesterday we held our 2nd shop ride into the hills of Mikawa with some of my customers who are keen MTBers. Brian had discovered this particular course and even though it was only 30km it was a tough morning ride which offered everything from 8 - 10 % grade sealed climbs , wickedly fast winding downhills and a fantastic section of rough 4Wd track through the shady forest which was welcome in the 30 deg heat.  We all stopped at a roadside rest area for Ramen and beer for lunch and then some of us continued downstream to cross the Agano river to the small onsen village of Sakehana which we took a break and waited for our return train to Niigata city. Below are a few photos taken on the ride and if you want to check out all of them check this link