Monday, 20 October 2014

Oct 5 day tour - part 1

Well finally the morning had arrived for departure and my customer Wataru meet up with me at Albannach a Celtic bar that my wife and I own. Wataru had just arrived back in the city from a tour from Beppu to Niigata which he said was about 1500km , we headed off at 6am bound for the town of Ogata which lies along the Niigata coast. Overall the ride was pretty nice and apart from the tough climbs up and out of Kashiwazaki ( home to the worlds biggest nuclear power station ) it was rather easy touring. We stopped at Gusto a family restaurant for  lunch in Kashiwazaki to refuel and also stopped for a popular Saba ( mackerel ) fish sandwich before getting to our campsite around 4pm after riding 115km . Before getting to our campsite we stopped at the local supermarket for supplies as I decided to give Wataru a cooking lesson , how to cook katsu curry so loaded up with rice, curry and fried pork cutlets and beer  we headed to the campsite then took advantage of a discount ticket the local onsen which felt great after a long day in the saddle. The evening was fantastic for sitting outside cooking and drinking , but just as we finished it started raining so it was early to bed ready for another long day up the coast.

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