Friday, 10 October 2014

Packed up and ready to go !

With some free time at work yesterday I packed my bike up with everything needed for this years 6 day bikepacking tour to the Single speed MTB champs which are being held in Nagano at the mountain resort town of Hakuba. I'm looking forward to this years tour as I have never been cycling in Nagano before and it should be fun to meet up with the other single speed fans attending the race. Next year the world single speed champs will be held at the same location so if possible I will attend that as well. I leave on the 16th and return on the 22nd so shortly after that you can read all about the adventure when I get time to update the blog.

Happy Cycling


llewellyn said...

Sounds good, hope the weather is good for the ride.

Don Speden said...

I too hope the weather is good, looks ok at present but as you know when cycling in Japan you have to be prepared for anything !