Friday, 6 March 2015

Farewell message - last post on 3 speed touring in Japan

Hi Everybody

First up I would like to say a big thank to everybody who has followed my cycling adventures over the years,  when I started this blog 9 years ago my main interest was vintage bicycles and riding my 1947 Humber Sports since that time my interests have changed and now I mainly enjoy long distance bikepacking on my Salsa El Mariachi single speed instead. My long time cycling pal Brian Southwick and I are holding Japans 1st ever bikepacking brevet this year on August 1st & 2nd called the Castle to Castle and already have another event in the planning stages for 2016. So from now on any blog posts I do will be on the following website which Brian & I both use which is called Japan By Bike , you can check out our website at the following address

Japan By Bike

So if you would to see what we are up to check out Japan by Bike.

Happy Cycling Everybody
Don Speden